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Thanks for finding us online!

Enjoy this video by Paper Fortress outlining our trip.

We are departing on a cross-country bike ride in support of the Autism Society of America on July 1st.  After graduating on May 23rd and breaking Greg’s collarbone on April 1st- planning has been quite a trip in itself!  We will be riding the first two Geekhouse Bikes across the country; we are riding them to raise awareness and our fundraising goal- $5000 to help improve the lives of everyone affected by Autism.


  • What are you connections to Autism?

Funny you should ask.  Please Check out our page called “Why Autism?” to learn all about it.

    • What route are you taking?

    We will be using pieces from three different sets of Adventure Cycling Maps.  We’ll be taking the Atlantic Coast Route from Boston to Richmond, VA where we hope to check in on some friends from NAHBS.  There we will pick up the famous Trans-America trail that will take us through to Colorado.  After that we’ll be using the maps from the Western Express Route to get from Pueblo, CO to San Francisco, CA.  Oh how sweet it will be to arrive in the glorious land of fruits and nuts aftermore than 3,000 miles of riding! Check out our page called “Our Route” to see it all in beautiful .jpeg format.

      • Who and what is Geekhouse?

      Geekhouse is an independent framebuilder based in Boston, MA.  More than a year ago when we started to plan we knew we were going to need one thing, well two things, reliable bikes.  Geekhouse hand builds some beautiful steel frames and after one thing lead to another Gregory finished up his career at Suffolk Univeristy with an internship at Geekhouse.  We used this to plan out our bikes eventually using Bianca’s as a NAHBS build.  It received quite a lot of attention there and after we met more than 20 people riding across country at NAHBS we knew linking up with Geekhouse was the best choice we ever made.  Marty Walsh, the founder/builder/owner of Geekhouse is a stand-up guy and has helped us out almost more than anyone along the way.  From teaching ushow to adjust Paul Cantis to driving through the night to NAHBS he’s gone above and beyond to help us out and for this we could never thank him enough.

        • How many miles do you plan on riding every day?

        We’re gunning for about 50-70 miles/day depending on what part of the country, what weather, and how many tornados we are riding through.

          • How long do you think it will take?

          We hope to be out on the road for 75-90 days which will put us back in Boston (by plane) around the end of September.  Ideally in time for Lady GaGa in Hartford on September 18th

            • How will you carry enough stuff to survive for three months?!?

            Bianca is using four panniers by Ortilieb bags and Greg is using a trailer and dry-sac by BOB Trailers.

              We left Boston, MA on July 1st after more than a year of scheming, planning, and saddle changes. We are riding to San Francisco, CA in support of the Autism Society of America. We aim to arrive in September and we hope that you'll follow us the whole way.

              Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

              Click the Flickr Button (above) to see all of our pictures so far.